The real racists in the Trump era, Harvard discriminates against Asian-Americans

Washington Examiner, July 13, 2018

In modern America, certain elites believe that engaging in racial discrimination is not only acceptable, but desirable. Such racism comes not from President Trump, who is daily lambasted as a racist by his critics. Rather, it is practiced systematically by one of the most prestigious institutions in the country: Harvard University.

Let us begin with anecdotal evidence.

Richard Jenkins, an 18-year-old from Philadelphia, made national news recently when he was accepted into Harvard. As a child, he battled poverty, health problems, and homelessness. He decided to focus on his studies and believed school to be his path to a better life. When it came time for college, Harvard sent him an email encouraging him to apply for admissions. He did, and was accepted on a full scholarship.

I grew up in inner-city Oakland, California. I arrived at age 10 from Communist China without speaking more than a few words of English. Battling poverty, racism, and crime was a daily routine throughout my childhood and adolescence in America.

I graduated from high school with a 4.1 GPA and solid SAT scores. Harvard did not try to recruit me. No Ivy League university contacted me except for Cornell, which sent me a giant brochure without much of an explanation.

I am Asian. Jenkins is black.

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“Chinese Girl in the Ghetto” Now Available in Audiobook

The audiobook of Ying Ma’s politically incorrect memoir, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, was released on Audible and Amazon on the Fourth of July.

Narrated by the author, the book speaks uncomfortable truths about race, poverty, and immigration in America, and offers a legal immigrant’s story about family, hard work, perseverance, and abiding faith in the American Dream.

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RIP Ambassador Faith Whittlesey, a loyal Trump supporter

Washington Examiner, June 18, 2018

I first met the late Ambassador Faith Whittlesey in Fall 2016, and we quickly got into an argument.

She passed away last month, at the age of 79. Our argument, between two staunch Trump supporters, was about foreign policy.

Numerous obituaries and tributes have been written about Whittlesey and her extraordinary career. She was twice President Reagan’s ambassador to Switzerland, the director of Reagan’s Office of Public Liaison and the most senior woman on Reagan’s White House staff, a Pennsylvania state legislator who helped deliver the state to Reagan in 1980, an ardent pro-lifer and supporter of the Second Amendment, chairman and president of the American Swiss Foundation, and an early and staunch supporter of President Trump.

I got to know her best as a fellow Trump loyalist.

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Real racism isn’t in Trump’s Twitter feed; it’s in America’s elite universities

Washington Examiner, June 11, 2018

There is real racism in America. It resides at elite institutions like Harvard, not President Trump’s twitter feed.

It has become commonplace for the mainstream media and Trump haters to accuse the president of being racist. Just recently, they found more fodder when President Trump commented on the firing of ABC star Roseanne Barr without condemning Barr’s racist tweet that started the controversy.

Instead, the president griped about ABC’s biased media coverage against him. Trump haters wasted no time to work up their outrage, accusing the president of stooping to a new low, and normalizing racism.

Since Trump declared his candidacy for president in June 2015, he has regularly said things that typical politicians do not say and believe they should not say. As a result, allegations of racism have followed him everywhere.

Amid Trump’s bombast, and at times less-than-dignified public commentary, the real racists have gotten a free pass from those foaming at the mouth against the president.

During the 2016 presidential election, I wrote the following.

[T]he Left is in fact the hotbed of real racism in modern America. Leftists are the ones who have systematically discriminated against students by race in university admissions. They call it affirmative action. They are the ones who insist that every black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or other person of color play a role as a token to provide a distinctly ethnic or racial perspective—and that perspective is inherently a liberal one. They call this diversity.

A few weeks ago, the Center for Equal Opportunity, a nonprofit research and educational organization, released a report detailing precisely this type of racism.

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Not Enough Nail Polish

Production for the audiobook of Chinese Girl in the Ghetto continues. Listen below to a short clip from Chapter One of the book, “Not Enough Nail Polish,” which  describes life in the post-Mao era of China’s economic reform and opening up to the world.

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Production for “Chinese Girl in the Ghetto” Audiobook Has Begun!

Audio production for Chinese Girl in the Ghetto has begun. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the GoFundMe campaign. We are now more than two-thirds of the way to the final goal, but that means you can still help! Please click HERE to support this audiobook.


Not Too Late to Support “Chinese Girl in the Ghetto” in Audiobook

As you know, I am raising money to publish an audiobook for Chinese Girl in the Ghetto. A big “thank you” to those have helped me reach the halfway mark of my fundraising goal of $3,000 in the past two days. For everyone else, I hope you will consider supporting this audiobook project.

As you know, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto is my memoir about getting to know freedom from Communist China to inner-city Oakland, California. Those of you who have read it know that it speaks uncomfortable truths about race, poverty, and immigration in America; you also know that it is a legal immigrant’s story about family, hard work, perseverance, and abiding faith in the American Dream.

Many of you have written to me since the book was first published in 2011. Some of you grew up in neighborhoods and circumstances similar to mine. Most of you did not. No matter what you looked like or where you came from, you have told me that you recognized in my story your own struggles and aspirations—what you fought for, how you prevailed against the odds, and why you share my faith in America.

For all of that support I am immensely grateful.

Your heartfelt and personal responses are my inspiration for an audio version of the book. It is a costly undertaking. The costs range from studio rental to hiring editors, sound engineers, and producers. Narrating the book myself will require a significant time commitment and impose additional costs.

As such, I am reaching out to you for support once again, or for the first time. I firmly believe that Chinese Girl in the Ghetto is worth telling in every medium. I hope that with your help, the book will become available in audio format, and audiences old and new will be able to hear my voice, my story.

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