Chinese Girl in the Ghetto

A politically incorrect memoir by Ying Ma

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This page has been moved. Please visit the book’s homepage here.


  1. When will the book be offered on either Google or Apple iBooks? I have searched for the book on both sites without any results?

  2. Sorry, this might take a while. Book will hopefully be on Apple iBooks in the next month or two, but Google will likely take longer.

  3. I am very interested in reading your book. My experience when I first came to America was similar. I was put into an inner city school in Baltimore along with my sisters. None of us spoke a word of English. We were treated quite badly. I guess it was a blessing we didn’t know what kind of names we were called.

    My mother insisted moving to the suburbs after a couple of months. The prejudice didn’t stop there, however. I remember the name calling and getting spitballs thrown at me on the school bus all the time.
    I guess what didn’t kill you make you stronger!

  4. Read your article in Weekly Standard, and bought your book on my Kindle. Besides being a wonderfully written memoir about your journey, it exposes much truth about racism in America – in contrast to the very narrow “story” we hear from the mainstream media, politicians and academia. Thank you for shedding light on this subject. November!

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