Nationally Syndicated Columnist Praises Ying Ma’s Book

Creators Syndicate, July 8, 2011

Nationally syndicated columnist Mona Charen recently wrote about Ying Ma’s Chinese Girl in the Ghetto in a column titled “One Way to Make a Conservative.” Referring to the book as a “fascinating memoir,” Charen concludes that Ying Ma’s “journey has made her the very best kind of conservative — one whose love of liberty, order and self-reliance has been forged through gritty experience.”

To view Charen’s column, visit National Review Online, RealClearPolitics, or The Washington Examiner.

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  1. Hi Ying, great interview at FrontPage and I plan to buy the book. My wife went to Oakland High School (probably a good 10 years before you did) and tells me the same stories. She also came to the US from China around the same age as you did! I hope to meet you someday.

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