Popular California Radio Show Interviews Ying Ma

The Armstrong and Getty Show, one of the top morning radio shows in Northern California, interviewed Ying Ma today about her book, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto. Hosted by Jack Armstrong and Joe Getty, the show airs live weekdays on KSTE 650 AM in Sacramento and KNEW 910 AM in the San Francisco Bay Area.

To hear the show, please click here. (Note: The discussion about the book begins at approximately minute 9:40 and lasts for about fifteen minutes.)


  1. I heard the interview. It was great. They said they want to have her back on in studio for an hour to talk about her life & the book. Very interesting

  2. That was an interesting interview, would love to hear more from here. I took two college semesters of Mandarin, my interest in the culture has been peaked again. Her perspective is fascinating.


  3. I listened to the interview as well, and immediately bought the book. I just finished it…loved it! Looking forward to hearing her when A&G have her on for a full hour.

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