Ying Ma Appears on the Fox News Channel

FOX and Friends, March 29, 2012

“FOX & Friends,” the Fox News Channel’s morning show and the most watched morning news show on cable television, interviewed Ying Ma today about her book, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto. Co-anchor Gretchen Carlson spoke to Ying Ma about her journey to the United States, the immigration experience and the downsides of government handouts.

To watch the video, please click here.


  1. What an inspiring story and an outstanding message. As an immigrant myself I
    fully appreciate her point of view even though
    I did not have her difficult circumtances having come to the United States as a graduate student as a Fulbright scholar. It was no hand out but a reward for hard work and effort.

    1. Hi Linda, I just checked it and it’s working. Are you viewing it on a Mac or an iPhone? Sometimes that prevents the video from opening properly.

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