Ghetto Pathologies, Personal Responsibility and Wishful Thinking

FrontPage Mag, July 26, 2013

–Article by Ying Ma

In April, two black teenagers punched a Chinese immigrant, 59-year-old Tian Sheng Yu, in the mouth in downtown Oakland, California. He fell on his head, spent the next few days in critical care, and subsequently died. In late March, five black teenagers surrounded a 57-year-old Asian woman at a light rail bus stop in San Francisco; one of them grabbed her and threw her from the platform onto the rails before beating her. In January, black teenagers kicked and beat 83-year-old Huan Chen after he got off the same bus stop. He, too, died from his injuries.

Some of the perpetrators demanded money before they ran off laughing. Others, however, acted for no apparent reason aside from the satisfaction of perpetrating a beating.

After Mr. Tian Sheng Yu was attacked and killed in Oakland, his widow appeared on television with her eyes swollen, bravely trying to speak about her loss. Justice, she told reporters in Mandarin, would prevail if what happened to her family did not ever happen to anyone else. Days after her husband’s death, Mrs. Yu visited the congregation of a large black church in Oakland and said to the members in broken English, “We are one family.”

Soon thereafter, President Barack Obama conveyed his and Mrs. Obama’s thoughts and prayers to Mrs. Yu, and remarked on the “incredible grace and dignity” with which she dealt with the entire situation. It was an incredible moment: America’s first black president addressing the reality and tragedy of rampant black crime and acknowledging the suffering of its victims.

Unfortunately, this moment did not happen. It was all wishful thinking.

The black-on-Asian crimes described here are real—as real as they are grotesque. They took place in 2010, and many others similar to them have followed. Obama’s praise and prayers were also delivered, but not to Mrs. Yu or the families of the other Asian victims.

To read the entire article, click HERE.


  1. What do you expect? The filthy, little boy only cares about his own breed, not anyone else. If you’re not Black, don’t expect anything from Obama other than being ignored, at best, or misery, which is more common.

    1. That’s ridiculous. Violence and murders happen evey day in this county. Black on Asian, Black on Black, Hispanic on Black, White on Black and so on. None of it is Obama’s fault. And according to you tea baggin a-holes, it should be handled at a State level. So call your dumbass CA Gov’na and ask him to handle it and quit blaming everything on one guy.

      1. Actually, Black on anything violent crime is the normative thing. When it comes to violent crime, Blacks commit approx. 50% despite being less than 13% of the population.

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