Isolationism in U.S. Foreign Policy

RTHK, September 19, 2013

Hong Kong–Ying Ma spoke to Backchat, a radio program, about isolationism in U.S. foreign policy. The discussion focused on Americans’ opposition to U.S. military strikes against Syria, their overall war fatigue, the importance of executive leadership in shaping public opinion on foreign policy issues, and America’s engagement with Asia.

The following guests also participated in the program:

Mark Michelson, Chairman of Asia CEO Forum

Dr. Glenn Shive, Vice President, United Board, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Alex Montgomery, Chairman, Democrats Abroad Hong Kong

Backchat airs on RTHK, a public broadcast station in Hong Kong. The show provides expert views and lively commentary about current affairs. For more information and to listen to this program, please click here.

(Note: The discussion is approximately forty-five minutes. When listening on Windows Media Player, the audio will appear as if it will end at the half-hour mark, but if left alone, it will restart on the same player.)

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