China Shifts from North to South Korea

RTHK Radio 3, July 19, 2014

A couple of weeks ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping met with South Korean President Park Geun-hye for their fifth official meeting. The latest summit marked the first time that a new president in China has visited South Korea before visiting China’s traditional ally North Korea. Does the Xi-Park courtship herald a new era in China-South Korea relations and regional politics?

China Takes Over the World discusses these issues with Dr. Jonathan Pollack, a senior fellow in the John L. Thornton China Center and the Center for East Asia Policy Studies at the Brookings Institution.

Meanwhile in Africa, many have accused China of engaging in a resource grab, or worse yet, neocolonialism. But a much less discussed phenomenon is one in which some one million Chinese have migrated to and settled in Africa as individual dreamers seeking new opportunities and a new life.

Howard French writes about this mass migration in his new book China’s Second Continent: How a Million Migrants are Building a New Empire in Africa. He is an associate professor at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and he joins China Takes Over the World to discuss.

To listen to this episode, please click here.

Hosted by Ying Ma, China Takes Over the World is a program about China’s growing economic, political and military power. It airs at 8:30 a.m. every Saturday in Hong Kong on RTHK Radio 3, a channel of the city’s public broadcast station. Previous episodes of the show are available on podcast via iTunes.

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