One Way Out of Ferguson’s Desperation: Not Looting

The Daily Caller, August 26, 2014

–Opinion by Ying Ma

The streets of Ferguson, Missouri, have finally calmed after two weeks of often violent protests against the deadly shooting of unarmed black teenager Michael Brown by a police officer. Now is a good time to examine the claim made by a number of politicians and pundits that “root causes,” like poverty, poor education and racism, were the real culprits for Ferguson’s rioting.

Unlike many talking heads who sympathized with the rage of the protestors in Ferguson, I grew up in the inner city. I was outraged each day by the injustices I encountered, but I did not riot, loot, vandalize or commit arson. I went to troubled public schools and lived in poverty, but I ultimately prevailed. Perhaps those who gripe about social and racial injustice and pleaded for understanding for the mayhem in Ferguson should try to see the world from the perspective of law-abiding citizens who are the real victims when poor neighborhoods turn into zones of anarchy.

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  1. This is just a learned behavior on the part of blacks:

    1.) Some event occurs with possible racial implications
    2.) Black agitators begin screaming about “Jim Crow law” and “oppression”, and protests build.
    3.) Facts starts trickling in that contradict the narrative of “black victim/non-black oppressor” in the alternative media. The major media in turn ramps up the stock footage of blacks in Selma, Alabama being sprayed with firehoses.
    4.) Blacks begin the orgy of looting, arson, and murder for which they are so well known. The victims will primarily be non-black minorities who are foolish enough to serve the black community. Whites learned to stay out of these areas in the 1960s.
    5.) The police put on a tough-looking posture, but generally don’t intervene during the looting and arson, for fear of further enraging the blacks. The non-black shopkeepers lose their livelyhood and cower behind closed doors.
    6.) The riots stop and political concessions are made: the police chief usually gets replaced with a dubiously qualified black, police receive more racial sensitivity training, bigger quotas on black employment in local government, and so forth.
    7.) The narrative of the precipitating possibly racial event relayed by black race hustlers becomes the preferred narrative of the mainstream media. Factual discussions are largely contained on the web or whispered behind closed doors for fear of agitating blacks.

    This has been the case since the 1960s onward and is well illustrated by Mike Brown – who is just a “gentle giant” or “unarmed teenager” in the media, instead of a hulking thug who committed a strong-arm robbery of a store, roughed up a cop who ordered him to stop walking in the middle of the street, and eventually died fighting when the cop realized his role in the robbery and tried to arrest him. Just like Trayvon Martin was an innocent 12 year-old who wanted to be a pilot, or Rodney King was just an innocent motorist guilty of merely speeding. I think Ferguson is on step 6 now, since the police chief still has his job.

    The difference between 1960 and today is that Asians are now the shopkeepers and not whites, so the (false) idea of blacks striking back at their “oppressors” has lost validity.

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