Tribute to an Alleged Criminal

Wall Street Journal Asia, December 8, 2014

–Op-Ed by Ying Ma

Chinese President Xi Jinping ’s anticorruption campaign garnered splashy headlines over the weekend when authorities arrested Zhou Yongkang, China’s former chief of domestic security. But while observers expound on the significance of this latest development in Beijing’s power struggle, another case deserves attention as well—that of journalist Shen Hao.

Locked up for nearly two months before Mr. Zhou’s formal arrest, Mr. Shen is one of China’s finest contemporary writers. He has been charged with extortion, embezzlement and other crimes and has repeatedly confessed to his wrongdoing on state television. Yet confessions do not a guilty man make. In fact, this case provides a poignant reminder that the rights of the accused deserve far better protection under the Chinese legal system.

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  1. I heard your comments on C-Span, and being a first generation immigrant, I am with you all the way, especially your opinion on US immigration policy and how you pull yourself out of the ghetto by your bootstraps. You are an inspiration to all immigrants and American minorities. I bought a paper back of your book some 2 years ago, and I would love to buy a hard cover if it is available. I feel your
    comments on C-Span are more solidly coservative than portrayed in your book and your question and answers session is more inspiring and I will buy more paper back copies to send to my families and friends. I suppose I should go to for 30 copies . Best wishes,
    Lou Hsu

    I lived in Brazil in the 60s, and awaited immigration visa for 9 years and was advised to wait longer because of “quota for Chinese” I was also advised to get a job first , and I did. Within 3 months from a job offer, our family got the visa in 1972. I feel this is the correct policy and not the “family, and relatives policy” when every bodies’ parents and in-laws come and to enjoy American welfare system on arrival. My family and I had $500.0 when we arrived, and now I own a business in Texas.

    1. Thanks very much for your kind words and for sharing your story. In many ways, my book was inspired by the hard work and persistence of immigrants like yourself.

      With warmest regards,

    2. Unfortunately, a hardcover version of my book is not available at this time, so I can only direct you to purchase the paperback version on Amazon. Many thanks for your support. I hope your friends and family will enjoy the book as well.

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