Men Who Don’t Pay

PJ Media, March 23, 2015

–Opinion by Ying Ma

We live in a society where lots of men do not pay. Not only do they fail to pay for the women with whom they go on a date, they increasingly do not even pay for themselves.

The men afflicted with this syndrome tend to be young, and are usually under the age of forty. Those who suffer most severely tend to be products of the nation’s top universities or respectable urban workplaces—where political correctness and leftwing ideology regularly trample over concepts such as chivalry and honor. At these institutions, the worst thing that could happen is to be perceived as racist, sexist or homophobic. Being a weasel that does not pay is not considered a source of embarrassment.

The occurrences of such male wussiness in modern society are too numerous to detail, but just a few examples can shed light on the nature and extent of this trend.

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  1. There is no reason for men to pay. Women wanted equality, and affirmative action has ensured that more women have jobs than men.

    In reality, the men who don’t pay get laid more easily, as pickup artists have proved spectacularly.

    Also, Ying Ma is doing nothing to reduce the stereotype of Asian women being the most ruthless of all gold-diggers.

  2. Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit disagrees with Ying Ma :

    Ying Ma thinks she is not a leftist, but in reality, she is demanding the type male-to-female wealth transfer that proves most Republican women are identical to lefto-feminists. Redistribution is just fine, as long as women are the recipients. That is also why the Tea Party died as soon as women started getting involved – no small-government movement can have women in it, for expecting women to support small government is like expecting government employees (who are mostly women) to support small government.

  3. Correlation does not imply causation. Just because some men who didn’t pay for their date’s meal proclaimed to be liberal does not mean that their purported liberal views caused them not to pay. Plus, it’s a small sample size. The men used as examples just happened to be inconsiderate individuals who took advantage. Their purported political views had nothing to do with it.

    Feminism is not about getting rid of chivalry and micromanaging every woman or man’s life. Feminists in general don’t hate or judge stay at home moms and actually support them. Feminism is about choice; it’s about having the right to choose whether to work or stay at home (which is actually privilege that many woman do not have, especially working class and middle class white women and women of color). It was only 1 purported feminist who had yelled at Anne Romney. Not all feminists think that way. Most don’t actually. Anne Romney’s actually lucky that she has the choice to stay at home and feminism supports that choice. It also helps to defend her right not to get raped by her husband or to be submissive to or financially dependent on her husband.

    And, sure, some feminists (male and female) don’t like chivalry, but some feminists don’t actually mind it. You can be a feminist and enjoy chivalry/ men who are polite. It’s not really an important issue to most feminists. Each person has his/her preference. It’s more about compatibility in dating than about feminists and liberalism wrecking havoc in society.

    If anything, the fact that there are men only wanting sex from women and seeing them as sex objects, no matter how liberal they proclaim to be, just shows why we need Feminism (or Womanism).

    Bigger issues that need to be addressed are why men dominate Hollywood, Congress and boardrooms. Yes, that right there is the patriarchy. I hope you also address why Roe v. Wade is not being followed in some states and how a rape culture does exist (yes, men can get raped too, and Feminism stands against that by breaking down gender stereotypes/roles).

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