Proud to Be a Trump “Deplorable”

Fox News, October 12, 2016

–Commentary by Ying Ma

I’m a woman, a racial minority, and an immigrant, and I grew up in inner-city America. I have two university degrees, one from Cornell University and another from Stanford Law School. I have worked for some of the most elite institutions in America, including a foreign policy organization that counts Chelsea and Bill Clinton among its members.

According to conventional wisdom, I have no business being a Trump supporter. Yet I have been an unabashed fan since Trump declared his candidacy for president. In fact, never in my life have I been this excited about a presidential nominee.

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  1. i just read ur article on fox n i have to reply. actually no you are not deplorable for any of the reasons you listed. you are, however, deplorable for thinking trump is the right man to make the difference. my janitor would be more qualified. and you supporting him in the name of an asian american woman makes us all look bad.

  2. I have a masters degree, make six figures and am the mother of two teenagers. I was born and raised in Maine. I have more in common with you than most folks around me. I share your passion and respect your courage. I am painfully aware of the attacks engendered when declaring support for Trump.

  3. Great job, Ying! As a Chinese American woman with college education, I also support Trump because he is the only one to tear down The Clintons’ organized crime society before it is too late!

  4. Right on! and Write on! Bill and Hillary a/k/a Bonnie and Clyde of American politics must be banished from the White House forever! Asian Americans should wake up and smell the coffee before democracy is destroyed by the Clintons. THE REVEALED COVER-UPS DEMONSTRATE WE ALREADY LOST THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH TO THE CLINTON CORRUPT POLITICAL MACHINE! What next if the Clintons (with Puppet Hillary) got back into the White House? Bonnie and Clyde Clinton sold U.S. foreign policy through the office of Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation and now, they’re working on selling the office of the President. Follow the money! Donald Trump can not be paid off like the Clintons to be a political puppet for special interests! VOTE TRUMP 2016 to save our Democracy!

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