Blame universities for Black Lives Matter riots

Washington Examiner, June 22, 2020

America’s universities bequeathed the post-George Floyd protests to the country. The protesters, whether peaceful or violent, have justified their actions by denouncing systemic racism in law enforcement and the country as a whole. The basis for their mass grievance is that America is a racist country.

Amid the chaos, the leaders of the Claremont Institute, a California-based think tank, asked an important question: “Why is it that so many of our citizens believe that America is racist to its core?” The answer actually is quite straightforward. They explained:

“Because this lie has been preached by our universities and media like the Gospel for a generation. From there, it has traveled throughout society, particularly among the elite. Even most leaders on the Right are unwilling to refute this destructive untruth. In failing to do so, they promote the falsehood, the riots that it has engendered, and ultimately America’s destruction. This is to say, the riots are the handiwork of the elite.”

Indeed, universities, especially the elite universities, sowed the seeds of the current convulsions by having peddled for decades the myth that this country is racist. These universities were not the only institutions to do so, but they bear an extraordinary amount of responsibility.

To read the entire column, please click HERE.


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