“Kung Flu” is not racist; racial quotas and preferences are

Washington Examiner, August 3, 2020

I chuckled the first time I saw the words “Kung Flu.” It is a clever wordplay that attributes the COVID-19 pandemic to its country of origin, China.

The mainstream media disagrees. After all, many journalists had long ago discarded a sense of humor in exchange for a self-congratulatory obsession with race. Not surprisingly, when President Trump publicly used the term this summer, the media worked itself into a fit of rage and called him a racist. The accusations reveal the media’s narcissism, just as their faux outrage masks cowardice before real racism.

In March, an unnamed White House official was reportedly the first to refer to the coronavirus outbreak as “Kung Flu” in front of a CBS journalist. The correspondent, a Chinese American, immediately took to Twitter to express her indignation and insinuate that the White House was being racist toward her. During the deadliest pandemic to hit the United States in a century, this reporter has a habit of focusing first and foremost on her own ethnicity. Though China has bequeathed the virus to the world and exacerbated its early spread with falsehoods and coverups, the correspondent thought everything was about her.

To read the entire column, please click HERE.


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