An overdue conversation about black-on-Asian violence

Washington Examiner, May 13, 2021

–By Ying Ma

The frequency and brutality of anti-Asian violence have made “Stop Asian Hate” a popular hashtag and protest slogan this year. Still, America has yet to grapple with a core part of the problem: black-on-Asian crime and racism.

Two of the latest possible hate crimes took place in New York City. Early this month, a female black suspect struck a 31-year-old Chinese woman in the head with a hammer in midtown Manhattan. In late April, in East Harlem, a black man viciously attacked 61-year-old Yao Pan Ma as he was collecting used cans and bottles. As Ma fell to the ground, the attacker stomped on his head multiple times.

Tragically, such horrendous crimes have now become commonplace in major urban centers. Notable attacks have occurred in San FranciscoOaklandLos AngelesNew York, and Seattle. Often, the victims are defenseless, the attacks unprovoked, and the culprits not white.

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