The American Ideals PAC Seeks to Defeat “Racial Equity” Agenda

The American Ideals PAC, a political action committee, champions the Founding principle of equal rights. Initially launched as the Equal Rights for America PAC, the organization recently changed its name. Below are excepts from the announcement of its founding. Ying Ma serves as the PAC’s president.

“We will support candidates and legislation that further equal rights in America,” said Ward Connerly, leader of the national equal rights movement and chairman of the advisory committee for the new PAC. “Today, America is often condemned as a systemically racist country, and as a result, Americans are demonized due to their race, color, and gender. This is wrong and must stop. While racism is not extinct in America, the system is no longer racist, and policies that embrace bigotry masquerading as social justice are not the solution.”  

“Upholding the founding principle of equality remains crucial to living up to America’s lofty ideals,” Mr. Connerly continued. “That is what our PAC will fight for at the ballot box.”

“We intend to defeat policies and practices that perpetuate racial discrimination and tear at the social fabric of this country. These include racial preferences, critical race theory, and the ‘racial equity’ agenda in general,” said Ms. Ma. “We will advocate for equality for all rather than special treatment for some, and we will help deliver victory to candidates who share our vision.”

The PAC draws on a team of seasoned leaders and professionals. For over 25 years, Mr. Connerly has led a national political movement to end state-sponsored race and gender discrimination and preferences throughout the country. To date, nine states—California, Washington, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, Arizona, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, and Idaho—have adopted such prohibitions via ballot initiative, legislation, or executive order.  

The PAC will actively engage with political leaders and voters in the runup to the midterm elections of 2022 and will make its first political endorsement later this week.

For more information, please visit the American Ideals PAC’s website here.


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