California Reparations Should Be $0.00

Fox News, May 9, 2023

California is debating whether to pay all Black residents who descend from slaves as much as $1.2 million each – to atone for the horrific injustices that their ancestors suffered. San Francisco has proposed a $5 million payment to each Black resident.

But – California was never a slave state. Nor was San Francisco ever a slave city.

California does have a sordid history of mistreating its large yellow population. For more than a century after Chinese immigrants began arriving for the Gold Rush around the 1850s, they faced open discrimination and unabashed hatred in this state. 

My paternal great-grandfather lived in Northern California as a laborer around the turn of the century. 

Under the logic of the current reparations proposals, descendants of early Chinese immigrants to the Golden State, like myself, should be eligible for reparations as well. That we are not even included in the discussion demonstrates the absurdity of the reparations movement. That reparations are discussed seriously at all further shows the perils of policymaking based on racial grievance and virtue signaling. 

To read the entire column, please click HERE.


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