“Chinese Girl in the Ghetto” Now Available in Audiobook

The audiobook of Ying Ma’s politically incorrect memoir, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, was released on Audible and Amazon on the Fourth of July.

Narrated by the author, the book speaks uncomfortable truths about race, poverty, and immigration in America, and offers a legal immigrant’s story about family, hard work, perseverance, and abiding faith in the American Dream.

Listen to the audiobook for free with a trial membership of Audible, Amazon’s audiobook delivery service. For more information and to download Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, click HERE.



Chinese Girl’s Unwanted Encounters with Porn-Seekers

The Weekly Standard, July 23, 2012

“Creeps on My Website: The Dark Side of Search Engines”

–Article by Ying Ma

It was April 2011, and my book had just been published. Chinese Girl in the Ghetto is a memoir of my family’s journey from post-Mao China to inner-city America. The story celebrates freedom and individual responsibility, but it also describes the drug- and crime-plagued Oakland, California, of the 1980s that became our home, and it reports the discrimination that we, like many immigrants, encountered from other minorities.

I was prepared to get some hate mail. What I did not expect were the advertising links that Amazon.com displayed alongside my book.

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