Another Look at a Legal Immigrant’s Story

FOX & Friends, March 29, 2012

Ying Ma spoke to FOX & Friends about her journey to America’s inner-city as a legal immigrant and the importance of choosing liberty over the welfare state. This interview is re-posted here due to the widespread interest that Americans currently have in immigration reform.

Please view the three-minute interview HERE.

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  1. When you lived in inner-city Oakland, you say that you observed first hand a “total absence of responsibility”. What do you mean by the word “total”? That everyone, including you and your family, were lacking in this virtue? Or were you and yours the only responsible citizens, triumphing in a land bereft of law and order? What about those people living among you who were just as responsible, who, like you and your family, valued law-and-order, who tried to pursue the American dream, but who, unlike you, were not successful? After all, as you rightfully point out, there is no guarantee that hard work will pay off in the end, even for the virtuous living in a virtuless wasteland. You seem to minimize, or outright ignore this truth. That should be more clearly acknowledged, so that people are better equipped to make courageous choices in their lives.

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