Immigrating to America Is Not an Entitlement

PJ Media, May 15, 2013

–Article by Ying Ma

As the drumbeat for comprehensive immigration reform grows louder, the related public debate has not become any more edifying.  Self-serving Democrats, delusional Republicans, and shameless illegal aliens (who prefer to call themselves “immigration rights activists”) insist that legalizing some 11 million illegal immigrants in this country is the right thing to do and label those who disagree as anti-immigrant and anti-Hispanic.

Amid the finger pointing and political intimidation, some fundamentally flawed assertions have repeatedly surfaced. Below is some common sense that highlights the absurdity of the faulty assumptions.

Immigrating to the United States is a privilege, not a right. It certainly is not an entitlement program.

Read entire article HERE.

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  1. I really, really agree and my usual “hardline” stance is occasionally compromised by personal stories on the order of that appearing in the LA Times (I know, I know) front page, July 12, 2013. Harry Reid & illegal young woman and their connection was the centerpiece of the article and yes, it made me cry as I ‘m sure it was designed to. Does “hardliner” equal sonofabitch?
    Enjoyed your book event on BookTV – coming to Southern CA?

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