Defeating the Welfare State

C-SPAN, June 23, 2013

C-SPAN Book TV aired Ying Ma’s most recent discussion about her book, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto. The book talk, titled “A Personal Story of Defeating the Welfare State,” took place at the Conservative Forum of Silicon Valley on June 4, 2013.

To view a video of the book talk, please click here or use the player below.


  1. Ms. Ma,
    I did not grow up in the inner city or “ghetto” as you call it. However, I think your perspective on the black community is overwhelmingly bias. You cannot address the inner city without addressing slavery. The black people you refer to are descendants of slaves and slave owners and their ancestors built this country and were the contributors to the economic power of America that you benefited from. I am sorry that you had to endure poverty but your discontent with black people is misplaced. The chinese do not have the demeaning and stifling in China. Chinese culture as you know has not had to endure enslavement under a racist and colorist society. Ms. Ma, you mentioned you endured racism from blacks but the definition of racism is the racist is in power and uses their power to oppress another. What power does a poor black person have in the inner city? Ms. ma,your family has more power as a legal immigrant than a poor black person because as,a Chinese woman you are expected to succeed . I suggest you examine your own bigotry .

    1. Thank you Chazing for sharing the article but the article is clear that ms. ma is still bitter from her experience living in the ghetto with black people. I have many Chinese friends who grew up in predominately white wealthy towns and had similar experiences. This county was built with white supremist ideals which makes us all victims of white supremacy unless we educate ourselves and difuse bigotry.

  2. I just discovered you on C-Span today. It’s crystal clear that you are bitter about being picked on by blacks during your time in the ghetto. Clearly you hate Obama, but if it wasn’t for his ancestors you will still be a poor little sad girl in China. Deal with it.

    1. You do realize that Obama’s father hails from Kenya, not America? In other words, Obama’s ancestors are Africans, not African-American slaves or their descendants.

  3. Yeah Michelle, you yourself sound bitter at the slavery you endured and the fact that most blacks now serve the very country that enslaved them. We owe black people nothing, and black people did not build this country. The USA was built by white people. Black people just picked cotton and did menial tasks.

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