Regional Tensions in Asia

RTHK, February 15, 2014

Regional tensions in Asia have been high since China established a new
air defense identification zone in the East China Sea last November. The
zone covers small island groups that are disputed between China and its
neighbors in East Asia. Washington and Tokyo have both condemned China
for attempting to unilaterally change the regional status quo, but China
sees Washington as taking Japan’s side and Japan as having stolen the disputed
territory from China.

What implications do these maritime disputes have for regional security
and how does nationalism in East Asia exacerbate the security conflicts?

These issues were discussed in the inaugural episode of China Takes Over the World, a new program that explores the rise of China’s economic, political and military influence in the world. Hosted by Ying Ma, the series airs weekly on RTHK, Hong Kong’s public broadcast station.

The following guests appeared in this first episode.

-Prof. Toshi Yoshihara, John A. van Beuren Chair of Asia-Pacific Studies, U.S. Naval War College

-Prof. Xu Xin, Associate Director of the China and Asia-Pacific Studies Program, Cornell University

To listen to the program, please click here.

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