China’s Economic Reform and Competitiveness

RTHK, February 22, 2014

rthk iconLast November, the Chinese Communist Party issued a major communiqué that emphasized the need to reduce the role of government and allow the market to play a “decisive role in allocating resources.” Is the Chinese leadership serious about undertaking further economic liberalization? If so, will these reforms usher in large-scale privatization or simply result in measures that would merely make the state sector more efficient and better able to serve the interests of the Party?

And how does China’s economic competitiveness rate compared to that of the United States? Is Beijing’s top-down economic approach really the way to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the 21st century?

These issues were discussed in the second episode of China Takes Over the World, a new program that explores the rise of China’s economic, political and military influence in the world. Hosted by Ying Ma, the series airs weekly on RTHK, Hong Kong’s public broadcast station.

The following guests appeared on the show:

-Robert Herbold, former COO of Microsoft and Managing Director of the Herbold Group, LLC.

-Barry Naughton, Professor of Chinese Economy at the University of California San Diego, and editor of Wu Jinglian: Voice of Reform in China (MIT Press: 2013)

To listen to the discussion, please click HERE.

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