Democratic Duplicity on Anti-Asian Violence

Fox News, March 12, 2021

Ying Ma returned to Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the recent wave of horrific black-on-Asian attacks committed in cities like New York, San Francisco, Oakland, and Philadelphia. While Democratic politicians, including President Biden, have blamed the violence on former President Trump’s COVID rhetoric, Ms. Ma pointed out that for decades, leftwing politicians and activists have cowered before such attacks and refused to label them as hate crimes or acts of racism.

Since the pandemic, however, the Left has been eagerly labeling these attacks as hate crimes–without acknowledging the race of the attackers–in order to attribute racism to President Trump and his supporters.

Ms. Ma encouraged everyone to be honest even when discussing a painful reality. Please click HERE or below to view the interview. A summary and video of the full segment are also available on the Daily Caller.

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