Anti-Asian Violence and China’s COVID Culpability

“China vs. USA”, March 10, 2021

My podcast series, “China vs. USA,” aired its latest episode, entitled “Condemning Anti-Asian Violence and Holding China Responsible for COVID.”

The discussion emphasized that it is absurd to argue, as leftwing politicians and activists do, that former President Trump is responsible for the recent hate crimes committed by young black men against Asian Americans in urban areas.

This episode featured Betty Chu, former mayor of Monterey Park, former candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from California’s 32nd congressional district, former honorary co-chair of the No on Prop 16 campaign, and the first Chinese-American woman to co-found and run a bank; and Jeremy Carl, senior fellow at the Claremont Institute and former deputy assistant secretary of the Interior.

Chu and Carl both noted that Americans must hold China accountable for the pandemic and that contrary to assertions from leftwing Asian leaders, this effort is not racist.

Chu also discussed the No on Prop 16 campaign, which defeated an attempt to reinstate racial preferences in California by a 14-point margin in November 2020.

Chu said, “And it was particularly, Ying…your help and the strategy of Arnold Steinberg and the leadership of Ward Connerly and particularly when you disseminated information of Prop 16 and what its effects would be, which was a racial bias measure–you spread that word outside of our community and that was when I began to have hope that we were really on the road to winning….So I want to thank you for that.”

A big THANK YOU to Betty for her tireless leadership and guidance, as well as for her kind words about my contributions to the defense of equal opportunity. As always, heartfelt thanks go to my colleagues and our volunteers and supporters for making the victory possible.

Listen to this podcast episode HERE

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