Support American Ideals PAC

Ying Ma founded the American Ideals PAC a little over a month ago and currently serves as its president.

The organization, a political action committee, champions American ideals that have inspired generations—that we are all created equal and should be judged by the content of our character.

These are principles declared by the Founding Fathers and advocated by brave Americans throughout our history. Yet a corrosive ideology dominates our public discourse today: It shames Americans for their race, color, ethnicity, or gender; teaches children that they are oppressed, or oppressors, due to the color of their skin; and allows universities to grant preferences to some racial groups while discriminating against others. All the while, politicians congratulate themselves for defending such practices under the false notion of “equity.”

The American Ideals PAC seeks to defeat and eradicate public policies that perpetuate such divisions. While racism is not extinct in America, it is wrong to condemn America as a systemically racist country and to implement policies that embrace bigotry masquerading as social justice. Rather, upholding the Founding principle of equal rights remains crucial to living up to America’s ideals. The American Ideals PAC supports candidates and policies that will defend equal rights and promote equal opportunity for all Americans.

During the midterm elections of 2022, the American Ideals PAC endorsed strong candidates in competitive political races across the country. Notably, it provided invaluable support to help deliver victory for Representative Michelle Steel in California’s 45th congressional district.

The American Ideals PAC will continue to defend American values and support candidates who fight for all Americans regardless of race, color, or gender.

Learn more about the organization at We need your support to defend American ideals. Please consider joining the team and making a donation HERE.


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  1. That is great. Hope to stop the WOKE and racism in America. To award hard working and install values in our system and congress.

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