Ying Ma talks to Tucker Carlson about anti-Asian violence and racism

Ying Ma joined “Tucker Carlson Today” to discuss her book, Chinese Girl in the Ghetto, and anti-Asian violence and racism.

A clip of the interview aired on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News and can be viewed HERE.

The entire 50-minute discussion is available on Fox Nation. Click HERE to watch.

(Note: The interview was pre-recorded in early September 2022, shortly after a beloved dentist in Oakland, California, had been murdered by a black suspect. Many initially believed this to be another senseless act of anti-Asian violence, and Ying Ma refers to the incident in her conversation with Tucker Carlson. By the time that the interview aired on Fox News in mid-November, however, law enforcement had revealed that the longtime boyfriend of the dentist was the culprit who had hired a hitman to murder his girlfriend in order to profit financially from her death. He was subsequently arrested and killed himself in prison. In other words, this gruesome crime was not the result of anti-Asian violence, though far too many crimes happening across America are.)

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