Ying Ma Hosts Nationwide Conversation on Anti-Asian Violence

American Ideals PAC, February 9, 2023

As president of the American Ideals PAC, Ying Ma recently hosted an online conversation on anti-Asian violence, featuring black and Asian leaders from across the country.

The following individuals offered remarks during the event.

-Michelle Steel, U.S. Representative, 45th congressional district

-Robert Woodson, president and founder, Woodson Center

Ward Connerly, president and founder, American Civil Rights Institute

-Betty Chu, former mayor, Monterey Park, California

-Linda Yang, director, Washington Asians for Equality

-Wai Wah Chin, founding president, Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York

-Ying Ma, president and founder, American Ideals PAC

In her opening remarks, Ms. Ma called for an overdue and honest conversation about anti-Asian violence. Click HERE or the player below to view.

The full event can be viewed HERE or below. Enjoy!

Corrections: Ms. Ma showed a video of an elderly Asian man shoved to the ground in Oakland, California and noted that it occurred in February 2021. The attack actually took place in late January 2021. Ms. Ma also indicated that the perpetrator of the Atlanta spa shootings in March 2021 killed eight Asians. In reality, six of the eight victims were Asian. We regret the errors.

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