The real racists in the Trump era, Harvard discriminates against Asian-Americans

Washington Examiner, July 13, 2018

In modern America, certain elites believe that engaging in racial discrimination is not only acceptable, but desirable. Such racism comes not from President Trump, who is daily lambasted as a racist by his critics. Rather, it is practiced systematically by one of the most prestigious institutions in the country: Harvard University.

Let us begin with anecdotal evidence.

Richard Jenkins, an 18-year-old from Philadelphia, made national news recently when he was accepted into Harvard. As a child, he battled poverty, health problems, and homelessness. He decided to focus on his studies and believed school to be his path to a better life. When it came time for college, Harvard sent him an email encouraging him to apply for admissions. He did, and was accepted on a full scholarship.

I grew up in inner-city Oakland, California. I arrived at age 10 from Communist China without speaking more than a few words of English. Battling poverty, racism, and crime was a daily routine throughout my childhood and adolescence in America.

I graduated from high school with a 4.1 GPA and solid SAT scores. Harvard did not try to recruit me. No Ivy League university contacted me except for Cornell, which sent me a giant brochure without much of an explanation.

I am Asian. Jenkins is black.

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Real racism isn’t in Trump’s Twitter feed; it’s in America’s elite universities

Washington Examiner, June 11, 2018

There is real racism in America. It resides at elite institutions like Harvard, not President Trump’s twitter feed.

It has become commonplace for the mainstream media and Trump haters to accuse the president of being racist. Just recently, they found more fodder when President Trump commented on the firing of ABC star Roseanne Barr without condemning Barr’s racist tweet that started the controversy.

Instead, the president griped about ABC’s biased media coverage against him. Trump haters wasted no time to work up their outrage, accusing the president of stooping to a new low, and normalizing racism.

Since Trump declared his candidacy for president in June 2015, he has regularly said things that typical politicians do not say and believe they should not say. As a result, allegations of racism have followed him everywhere.

Amid Trump’s bombast, and at times less-than-dignified public commentary, the real racists have gotten a free pass from those foaming at the mouth against the president.

During the 2016 presidential election, I wrote the following.

[T]he Left is in fact the hotbed of real racism in modern America. Leftists are the ones who have systematically discriminated against students by race in university admissions. They call it affirmative action. They are the ones who insist that every black, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or other person of color play a role as a token to provide a distinctly ethnic or racial perspective—and that perspective is inherently a liberal one. They call this diversity.

A few weeks ago, the Center for Equal Opportunity, a nonprofit research and educational organization, released a report detailing precisely this type of racism.

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Interview with Ward Connerly: Civil Rights for All

Friends and Foes of Liberty spoke to Ward Connerly, founder and President of the American Civil Rights Institute, about his efforts to end state-sponsored, racial and gender preferences across America. Mr. Connerly discussed the insidiousness of quotas and preferences, the impact that President Barack Obama has had on the national racial discourse, the Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin affirmative action case currently before the U.S. Supreme Court, and the need to constantly remind Americans that civil rights is not just for one group of people but for everybody.

Mr. Connerly has gained national attention as an outspoken advocate of equal opportunity for all Americans, regardless of race, sex, or ethnic background. Since the mid-1990s, he has led efforts to end racial and gender preferences in public education, public employment and public contracting–through the passage of voter ballot initiatives on the state level. Mr. Connerly has successfully shepherded such ballot initiatives to passage in California, Washington, Michigan, Nebraska, Arizona and Oklahoma.

Hosted by Ying Ma, Friends and Foes of Liberty is an Internet radio show that features in-depth discussions about freedom, geopolitics, the global marketplace and U.S. foreign policy.

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The Racist and the Diversity Czar

PJ Media, October 30, 2012

–Article by Ying Ma

Earlier this month, the U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in Fisher v. University of Texas, a case challenging the use of racial preferences in the university admissions process. The case has led supporters and opponents to engage in a heated national debate about the merits of affirmative action, but few have noticed that one of the best reminders of the policy’s absurdities actually comes from the territorial conflicts currently raging in Asia.

In the world of affirmative action, Asians-Americans, along with other races, are lumped together as a single group that receives, or are excluded from, employment, education, contracting, or other positions. In the real world, however, the people of Asia not only are not interchangeable tokens; they have numerous reasons not to like each other. Grouping Asians together for the purpose of fostering “diversity” in America is not only ignorant but also insulting.

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“Reaching Out”: Racial Pandering in Elections 2004

The American Enterprise Online*, October 28, 2004

Reaching out to racial minorities requires doling out positions based on color, insists Marc Morial, President of the Urban League. In an op-ed in the Washington Post (September 26, 2004), Morial chided the Commission on Presidential Debates for its failure to include a minority journalist as moderator of the debates, and exhorted the Kerry and Bush campaigns to do a better job reaching out to minorities.

The Democrats, believing that race trumps real qualifications, have long ago bought into Morial’s rationale of tokenism. The Party of Lincoln, on the other hand, carries the unenviable burden of denouncing racist quotas and preferences while demonstrating that it is not actually racist toward black, brown and yellow people. Unfortunately, the Republicans’ balancing act has not brought about what President George W. Bush so often refers to as “clarity of vision”; instead, it has only resulted in tokenism-lite.

This campaign season, Republicans have trotted out their racial minorities before the silver screen to show the Bush administration’s support and understanding of the people of color.

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