The Rise of China and the Japanese Right

China Takes Over the World, RTHK Radio 3, April 12, 2014

Relations between China and Japan have been conspicuously strained in recent years due to territorial disputes and unresolved historical grievances. Nationalism in both countries has fanned the flames of hostility and made conflicts appear much more intractable. How do the views of the Japanese right affect bilateral relations and what accounts for its growing popularity in Japan?

Phillip Lipscy, Assistant Professor in the Political Science Department at Stanford University, joins China Takes Over the World to discuss.

Hosted by Ying Ma, China Takes Over the World is a program about China’s growing economic, political and military power. It airs at 8:30 a.m. every Saturday in Hong Kong on RTHK Radio 3, the English channel of the city’s public broadcast station. Previous episodes of the show are available on podcast via iTunes.

To listen to this episode, please click here.

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